Achieve ESG goals with insightful supplier data.

Using TealBook’s proprietary AI, we aim to help you make insightful and timely procurement decisions by giving you access to sustainable and environmentally-conscious suppliers.

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Get ahead of ESG targets.

With more consumers placing a greater emphasis on whom an organization works with, you need to be able to find suppliers that meet ESG requirements and make your supply chain more sustainable. TealBook uses self-certification and machine learning to give you access to countless green suppliers.

Explore what ESG means for your business.

The ESG issues most relevant to a business and its stakeholders vary by industry. For example, a retailer might prioritize issues such as working conditions, diversity and equity, responsible sourcing, climate change, and waste management.


Determine which of your current suppliers have relevant ESG certifications.


Use TealBook’s supplier discovery features to find new ESG compliant suppliers.


Keep track of your spend goals for ESG targets.

We provide the supplier data you need to discover and evaluate suppliers.

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    Access digestible supplier overviews and descriptions of products and services, information about a supplier’s geographic reach, NAICS codes, and suppliers with similar offerings.

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    Contact Information

    Easily find contact information for salespeople and executives, as well as generic inboxes if you don’t already have a point of contact. You can also quickly navigate to a supplier’s website or social media.

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    Trust and Risk

    Get information on a supplier’s ethical practices and sustainability efforts, as well as any connected associations, corporate relationships, and the amount of time they’ve been in business. You can also see reviews left for suppliers.

    Trust and Risk
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    Find tax ID numbers, corporation size, and revenue projections.

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    If a supplier has diversity, sustainability, or industry-specific certifications, you will find them listed, as well as any security or patent information.

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Better supplier data improves existing functions and enables new opportunities.

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Start an ESG program.

Determine your material ESG issues based on financial impact, importance to your stakeholders, and the ability of your company to make a difference on those issues through its business practice.

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ESG Spend Reporting

By cleansing and harmonizing your vendor master with TealBook’s ML and AI, you can get visibility into your spend with sustainable suppliers and see what categories could be making more use of sustainable vendors.

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ESG and Supplier Discovery

TealBook can provide data points for each of your existing suppliers and help you to identify new ESG compliant suppliers.

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Start with supplier diversity.

For companies that haven’t yet established ESG goals, developing a supplier diversity program can be a good place to start. TealBook can give you immediate visibility into all your small and diverse suppliers within your vendor master.

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Explore Use Cases

TealBook touches a variety of procurement problems and decisions. Explore more use cases to unlock even more procurement possibilities.

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Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference

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