Analyze, enrich, refresh, repeat.

Teal iQ helps organizations understand the gaps, inconsistencies, and attribute coverage in their vendor master data and provides a baseline for enriching it with trusted attributes that power business-critical processes.

Get the full picture of your vendor master data.


What is Teal iQ?

Teal iQ analyzes your organization’s vendor master data, and provides a comprehensive baseline of your current supplier landscape. Leveraging TealBook’s Supplier Data Platform (SDP), the most trusted source for supplier data with 13 million supplier profiles (and counting!), you’ll receive a thorough analysis including: a categorization of your active and expired diversity certifications, missing or invalid attributes like NAICS codes and supplier descriptions, the geographical coverage of your suppliers, and more.

How it works

  1. 1

    Analyze your data

    We analyze your vendor master data against the 13 million supplier profiles (and growing!) in our Supplier Data Platform (SDP), and deliver insights into the gaps and anomalies that we find.

  2. 2

    Enrich your data

    After seeing the number of duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors in your data and where they reside, we match your organization’s vendor master data to the right supplier entity and enrich it with additional attributes, such as address, employee numbers, company size, and NAICS codes. Teal iQ also includes up-to-date diversity certificates, along with classification and expiration date.

A detailed view of your supplier data landscape

Rapid vendor master data analysis

Instead of waiting weeks to get the results of a vendor master data analysis, Teal iQ delivers results quickly and with context and suggestions for enrichment.

Duplicate supplier and data identification

Assess your suppliers for duplicate entries so you can streamline your vendor master data and avoid operational disruptions and high-cost maintenance efforts.

Data enrichment

From Women’s Business Enterprises to Small Disadvantaged Businesses, get a breakdown of which types of diversity certifications you have in your vendor master data, including the number of active and expired certifications. Teal iQ also enriches your vendor master data with other crucial attributes, such as industry codes (NAICS, SIC, etc.), supplier descriptions, company size, revenue, hierarchy breakdown, and more.

Insights into data gaps and anomalies

Receive detailed breakdowns for key attributes like NAICS codes, supplier addresses, and company descriptions to highlight data gaps and identify the fields within your vendor master data that require cleansing and enrichment.

Geographic coverage and breakdown

See the locations of your suppliers so you can anticipate and mitigate risks related to political instability, natural disasters, or economic volatility in those regions, and have better awareness of your supply chain to avoid dependency on one part of the world.

Be prepared for ongoing vendor master data management

You can’t fix your data when you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with it. Teal iQ’s phased approach to vendor master data management gives you the insights into your foundational data and enriches the right attributes to power activities and requirements across the supplier lifecycle.

Unleash procurement possibilities.

TealBook’s AI-based Supplier Data Platform (SDP) autonomously collects, verifies, enriches, and distributes trusted supplier data across your data lakes, existing applications, tools, and systems. TealBook seamlessly integrates with existing applications and systems, enhancing procurement technologies, workflows, and processes. Leading global brands such as Nasdaq, Goldman Sachs, and Freddie Mac leverage TealBook to optimize their investments in suppliers, personnel, and source-to-settle and ERP tools, ensuring efficient and effective supply chain operations.