Good data is the foundation of good procurement. Let's help our clients drive good performance.

Tealbook was built to leverage accurate supplier data to empower procurement teams globally. Through our partnerships, we align with other forward-thinking companies to integrate this data foundation with technology solutions, fueling the procurement engine with enriched supplier data.

We have partnership opportunities for those interested in reselling, becoming a technology partner, and adding to the vibrant Tealbook community. If you are an software vendor, systems integrator, consultancy or BPO provider interested in learning more, please contact us using the form below. Our team is invested in supporting our partners and growing with them.

Current Partners

Why Partner With Tealbook?

Technology Partners

Tealbook acts as the data foundation with the power to invigorate any tool or platform with high-quality, autonomously enriched data. By partnering with Tealbook, any solution becomes more trusted, enhancing the user experience and enabling data-driven digital transformation.

System Integrators and Consulting Partners

Our consultant partners have rich backgrounds in procurement transformation, and bring Tealbook into projects with clients searching for autonomous data enrichment, supplier diversity initiatives, sourcing events and master data management projects. 

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