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Supplier Self-Certification

By TealBook

How to Self-Certify as a Small or Diverse Business in TealBook

If you’ve been identified as a potential small or diverse business in TealBook, there are many benefits to taking advantage of our easy self-certification process. Suppliers who self-certify in TealBook can increase their competitiveness among our community of buyers, especially those with stringent small and diverse spend targets. Follow these instructions to self-certify in TealBook. 

Step One

When you log onto your TealBook Supplier Profile, you will see a section titled “Qualifications”. To self-certify, click on the “Add a Certification” drop down menu.

Step Two

In the drop down menu, you will be able to select the appropriate certification category. Please select the applicable certification, one at a time if you are eligible for multiples.

Step Three

Select “Self Certify”, followed by the name of the applicable certification type.

Step Four

Select the name of the applicable certification.

Step Five

Finalize by filling in additional details including your certifying location (out of locations currently listed on your Supplier Profile), the certification subtype (if applicable), and verifying that the certified information is correct. Then, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have clicked “Add”, you will see a link to a downloadable certificate generated by TealBook. Note, our certificates are valid for one year and require a re-certification process annually. 

Adding Existing Certifications In TealBook

If you would like to add an existing certificate, follow these steps.

Step One

From the “Add a Certification” drop-down, select the appropriate category, certification agency and name of certification. You may then upload your existing certificate into the identified field.

Step Two

Finalize with certification expiry date and number, followed by attestation for the accuracy of all information provided. To finish the process, click “Add”.

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