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Lets Grow together

Our Values

  1. TealWork is Teamwork

    The impact we have is always greater when we work together. We bring our authentic selves, unique experiences, perspectives, and passions across teams, functions, and geographies to solve problems and deliver better results.

    Employees gathered around coffee bar at TealBook office
  2. Will to Win

    Change is the only constant. We don’t just believe this — we face the unknown head-on. We have the courage to challenge the status quo and continuously adapt, change, and evolve. We act with urgency, align our priorities with the company deliverables, and drive decisions backed by data.

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  3. Deliver Delight

    We are all customers. We listen to needs, challenge our ideas of what’s possible, and prioritize work that will drive success and build satisfaction. We constantly look for ways to differentiate ourselves and ensure interactions and experiences deliver delight.

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  4. Trust Through Transparency

    We build trust through communicating honestly, authentically, and with respect. We hold ourselves accountable, we admit to our mistakes, and we do what we say we’ll do. Our success is rooted in trust through transparency.

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  5. Grit

    We embody two characteristics of grit: passion and perseverance. Passion comes from intrinsic interest in our craft and from a sense of purpose — the conviction that our work is meaningful.

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  6. Employees gathered around coffee bar at TealBook office



We encourage our employees to reflect on the impact they have across our organization. TealDays reserve full work days without internal meetings and allow for consideration of milestones and achievements.


We appreciate the effort our team members put in throughout the year. We close out each calendar year with TealWeek, a full week off for all employees to rest, relax, and recharge.

Financial Future

We want to help our employees work toward a strong financial future. We offer RRSA Retirement and 401K match for our North American employees.


We are a collective of people proud to have built a culture that every TealBooker has an impact on, cultivates, and embraces.


We ensure that we are paying competitively and equitably by competing with the best tech companies in the world.


We value the contributions and impact everyone has at TealBook by giving them ownership through our Stock Option Plan.


TealBook covers almost all the costs associated with the employees and offers the option to have dependents added. This benefits plan covers dental, vision, paramedical, prescription, and life insurance.


We have made an investment to ensure the mental and overall well-being of our employees and their dependents. TealBook gives all of our employees access to best in class resources at their fingertips.

Paid Time Off

We inherently trust our employees and want to ensure that they have time off available when they need it. This includes unlimited PTO and our generous Personal Leave.

Learning and Development

We work with our employees to ensure they are set up for success. This means mapping out growth plans, career paths, and investing in the right learning resources.


To equip, enable, and empower our employees with all the tools and resources necessary to make their home office work, we provide each employee with a home office allowance.


We have an incredible office located right in downtown Toronto that comes equipped with all the perks that our employees could ask for, including a coffee bar and meditation space!