The most trusted source for supplier data

Only TealBook provides the most comprehensive supplier data foundation, with coverage across your data lakes, existing applications, tools, and systems. 


What’s a Supplier Data Platform?

From enhancing your spend analytics to de-duplicating your supplier data, TealBook’s Supplier Data Platform uses AI to collect, verify, and enrich your supplier data in bulk or in real time across data lakes, existing applications and systems.
  1. Improve data quality

    Ensure your data is continuously enriched and routed across all of your systems and tools.

    SDP Dashboard and TrustScores example
  2. Eliminate duplicate data

    Identify and merge supplier records into a single, complete supplier profile, without any manual intervention.

    Example of the Supplier Data Platform finding duplicate suppliers
  3. Improve data-driven processes

    Ensure each procurement system and supply chain tool is leveraging the same trusted supplier data.

The most comprehensive supplier data foundation

Dashboard for TealBook's Supplier Data Platform

Automate your supplier data management

Instead of spending time scraping data from supplier portals, spreadsheets, and disparate systems, get it automatically, all in one place.

  • Match and enrich data across systems you need it to live in
  • Update inaccurate supplier information with verified attributes
  • Continuously enhance supplier data profiles with additional attributes 
Diagram showing how TealBook matches, validates, enriches, and verifies supplier data and sends it to your required destination.

Route trusted data seamlessly across all of your systems

Whether it lives in a data lake, ERP, S2P, or other systems, all of your supplier data is continuously enriched, refreshed, sanitized, and normalized.

  • Access supplier profiles that are consistent across all of your systems
  • Boost your operational agility by automating workflows knowing they’re powered by data you can trust
  • Maximize the investments in your existing tools and accelerate speed to value by powering them with clean, trusted data
Chart demonstrating how a supplier's domain would be checked and validated in TealBook's Supplier Data Platform, using the TrustScores and Business Rule Engine features

Stand behind your supplier data with confidence

TealBook TrustScores signal the accuracy of a collected attribute based on a consensus formula and provide a confidence score.

  • Determine the confidence threshold of your organization and decide which attributes you’d like to ingest
  • Power TrustScores with a Business Rules Engine and be comfortable with each data attribute your organization is consuming
  • Enhance your supplier profiles over time with data that is continuously refreshed and improved with expanded attribute coverage
chart showing cost savings

Enhance procurement efficiency and effectiveness

Uncover insights that you can trust knowing your analytics are driven by accurate data.

  • Enhance cost avoidance strategies, identify potential cost-saving opportunities, and drive financial performance
  • Promote transparency and build stronger, more trustworthy relationships with vendors and stakeholders
  • Empower your leadership with data-driven insights so they can make informed decisions and demonstrate procurement’s value

Unleash procurement possibilities.

TealBook automates the collection, verification, and enrichment of supplier data across any data lake or enterprise system, empowering procurement teams to improve spend analytics, find cost savings, eliminate their dependence on supplier portals, and make faster, better-informed decisions.

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