Power your procurement with trusted supplier data.

Conquer the constantly-changing supplier landscape with a solid data foundation.

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What is a Supplier Data Platform?

TealBook’s Supplier Data Platform (SDP) can serve as the source of truth for supplier data in your organization. The platform automates the collection, enrichment, and distribution of supplier data across all relevant systems, enabling data governance and provenance. Use SDP to enhance your existing procurement technologies, workflows, and processes, and unlock the value of your investments in suppliers, people, and S2P tools and systems.



Gain access to supplier data from our millions of sources to fill in your vendor master.


Process, cleanse, and match the data in your vendor master to the correct supplier entity.


Get continuous coverage and updates to your supplier data.

Better supplier data enables new opportunities.

  1. Build a strong data foundation

    TealBook optimizes your existing investments with robust, up-to-date supplier data that can power your procurement stack.

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    Supplier Data Platform dashboard

Drive supply chain agility and unlock innovation with smarter supplier data.

SDP Dashboard and TrustScores example

AI and ML Enriched Supplier Data

  • Streamline your operations by automating data retrieval from supplier portals, spreadsheets, and multiple systems. 
  • Achieve seamless integration and enrich your desired systems with accurate supplier information. 
  • Stay up-to-date with refreshed details and additional attributes for all your organization’s suppliers. 
  • Experience enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in managing your supplier relationships.
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The Only Trusted Source for Supplier Data™️

Whether you’re looking to increase operational efficiency, improve your negotiating power, have better supplier relationships, improve your spend analytics, or prioritize strategic initiatives, having accurate, trusted supplier data makes all the difference.

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