Better Data, Better Decisions

Effortlessly build a comprehensive supplier data foundation.  Plug your vendor master data into Tealbook and enjoy clean and enriched data.

Make data-driven decisions. Always.

Supplier Data Foundation

Supercharge your technology stack. Tealbook acts as a dynamic data foundation, continually improving the data that powers your business.

Supplier Intelligence Platform

Evaluate a worldwide network of suppliers. Tealbook gathers highly disparate information, giving you trusted data at
your fingertips.

Universal Supplier Gateway

Eliminate the burden of manually updating supplier profiles. Our AI enriched supplier profiles get smarter and more complete over time.

100 M
Websites Crawled

Tealbook uses powerful AI and machine learning to bring you always-updated supplier data. Our extractor catalogs websites, then aggregates that data inside of the Tealbook platform.

100 +

Through machine learning, Tealbook continually gathers fragmented information from disparate, hidden sources across the web, then blends that information into a complete data picture.

100 %

Only 7% of CPOs surveyed have confidence in their data quality and completeness. Tealbook’s rigorous data standards introduce trust into your decision-making process.

For Procurement Professionals

For Suppliers

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