TealBook Solves the Supplier Data Problem

With a business wholly focused on supplier data, we are invested in how our products improve your work. 

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Our Journey Began


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Our founder, Stephany Lapierre, saw an opportunity to create a single source of truth for accurate, harmonized, and refreshed data, giving organizations the information they needed to remain competitive and agile. Today, TealBook leverages state-of-the-art machine learning concepts to deliver high-quality supplier data light-years ahead of traditional, manual methods.

Our Story

“I was visiting a client who wanted to introduce me to a supplier, and she grabbed a two-inch-thick binder filled with hundreds of business cards from vendor contacts. She couldn’t remember the name of the company, but she knew she would recognize the card. She spent about ten minutes flipping through each page. In that moment, I saw an opportunity to centralize and aggregate supplier intelligence for all stakeholders.”

Stephany Lapierre

Meet Our Executive Team

Stephany Lapierre Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Matt Palackdharry Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer
Akeel Ahmad Chief Financial Officer
Stephanie Atkin Vice President of Marketing
Kate Hands Vice President of Customer Experience
Shelley Lineham Vice President of Product
Dean Nadorozny Vice President of Revenue Operations
Usheer Naik Vice President of Finance
Jervis Pinto Vice President of Data and Artificial Intelligence
John Sibley Vice President of Strategic Alliance and Partnerships

Meet Our Investors

TealBook is very proud to be funded by some of the most prestigious entrepreneurial venture firms in the world. Our partners have invested not only their capital, but their time and advisory services to transform us into the fast-growing company we are today.