Establish your supplier data foundation.

TealBook is the supplier data foundation that unifies your systems, empowers your people, and optimizes your suppliers.

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Up-level your existing systems.

There’s a data gap that exists in the procurement space. It stems from not knowing where your data is coming from or if the data you do have is trustworthy. Data practices to date have been dependent on supplier portals, manual updates, and third-party resources. At TealBook, we deliver clean data with dynamic and validated information that allows your organization to develop a strong supplier data foundation, enabling resiliency and agility.

What is a supplier data foundation?

The future of procurement depends on a robust, dynamic aggregation of clean supplier data that keeps improving over time. TealBook’s proprietary AI technology creates a cloud-based data layer that sits outside of your existing procurement systems, allowing your entire procurement stack to sit on top of a foundation of clean supplier data.


Integrate with any ERP, S2P, or niche point solution.


AI and ML replaces the need for manual data input.


Unlock powerful insights and go further than ever before in your strategic initiatives.

We provide the supplier data you need to discover and evaluate suppliers.

  1. 1.


    Access digestible supplier overviews and descriptions of products and services, information about a supplier’s geographic reach, NAICS codes, and suppliers with similar offerings.

  2. 2.

    Contact Information

    Easily find contact information for salespeople and executives, as well as generic inboxes if you don’t already have a point of contact. You can also quickly navigate to a supplier’s website or social media.

    Illustration of supplier contact info in TealBook platform
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    Trust and Risk

    Get information on a supplier’s ethical practices and sustainability efforts, as well as any connected associations, corporate relationships, and the amount of time they’ve been in business. You can also see reviews left for suppliers.

    Trust and Risk
  4. 4.


    Find tax ID numbers, corporation size, and revenue projections.

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    If a supplier has diversity, sustainability, or industry-specific certifications, you will find them listed, as well as any security or patent information.

    Illustration of TealBook diversity certification offerings

Every procurement journey should start with dynamic data.

Data Foundation Tealbot LIGHT

Autonomous Vendor Master Management

Manual vendor master management eats up precious manpower, time, and resources. The amount of effort needed to constantly cleanse, enrich, and maintain your vendor master is holding your procurement team back.

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Supplier Discovery Tealbot LIGHT

End Supplier Portal Fatigue

Unlike the standard, portal-based approach, suppliers are not required to enter all their information manually. Instead, our technology harvests publicly available information on the Internet and transforms it into structured, consistent supplier profiles. We then syndicate this information with other platforms, so you can update your data across many systems in one place.

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RFI tealbot

Supercharge Your Existing Procurement Investments

Give your existing procurement technology stack a turbo boost when you connect TealBook to your S2P solution. Our automated vendor master management eliminates the risk of maintaining multiple sources of supplier data and ensures the critical vendor information those systems desperately need gets delivered on time and is up-to-date. Finally, your team is free to focus on strategic initiatives while unlocking previously missed procurement value.

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Supplier Discovery Tealbot LIGHT

Rapid Supplier Discovery

Find more suppliers faster. Narrow your search by environmental, sustainability, and diversity accreditations, location, company size, year founded, and more. Learn everything you need to know about a supplier in one place.

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Good Decisions Come From Better Data

No good decision ever came from bad data. Autonomously updated data touches business decisions big and small across all business units: from seamless supplier onboarding to finding the exact right supplier to solving master data management for enterprise organizations. With a business wholly focused on procurement, we are invested in how our products improve your work. 

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Explore Use Cases

TealBook touches a variety of procurement problems and decisions. Explore more use cases to unlock even more procurement possibilities.

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Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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