Podcast Image. DATA UNLEASHED Podcast, Episode 5 with Arnold Liwanag

Episode 5: Solving the supplier data problem

By TealBook

Episode Summary

Arnold Liwanag, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of TealBook, joins Stephany Lapierre to discuss how the organization began using ML & AI in its early years and how Arnold’s experience and background are now helping scale TealBook’s technological infrastructure. 

Stephany Lapierre explains how, when was first introduced to the idea of machine learning and artificial intelligence as a way to quickly and effectively gather better supplier data, the concept of that kind of technology was still very new in the procurement space. Now, years later, as TealBook is working to scale its technology, it was challenging finding a CTO who understood the company’s vision, possessed the right technical knowledge needed to improve tech, and felt energized by the challenge of building that architecture.

Enter Arnold Liwanag.

Having learned from the godfather of ML, Arnold has a deep understanding of, and interest in, AI and machine learning and finds TealBook’s mission exciting. He and Stephany explore Tealbook’s strategic employment of Humans In The Loop (HIL), relationships with partners, and the growth that continues to drive the product roadmap.

Throughout this episode, Arnold discusses his love of startups, what he feels is necessary to help them succeed, and the pride he feels in the quality of data and work TealBook produces for their customers as well as the quality of people in their workforce who drive that output. 

Key takeaways:

  • How TealBook’s unique approach to help clean, build, and curate data sets on the front-end to feed downstream AI models is foundational to digital transformation
  • Why data-as-a-serivce and supplier portals have historically failed to scale master data with business growth
  • Why poor data cripples the investment made in technology systems as well as corporate objectives
  • Arnold believes that it’s the people and culture building the AI and ML technologies that differentiate TealBook in the marketplace

About Arnold Liwanag:

Arnold Liwanag serves as TealBook’s Chief Technology Officer. 

Arnold brings an impressive background to TealBook’s C-suite. In prior roles, he led the Artificial Strategy and Transformation practice at PwC/ Strategy&, and has also held technical leadership positions at Scale AI, Hewlett Packard and Sybase. He is a talented and coveted speaker at industry events that include CogX, Elevate Toronto and AI4. Most recently, Arnold served as the CTO at IVADO Labs, where he served as the technical authority for the company.

Arnold has the technical depth, experience, skills and understanding of supply chain issues to position TealBook as the only supplier data foundation that powers the digital enterprise.

Stephany Lapierre – TealBook: website | twitter | linkedin | youtube | instagram

Arnold Liwanag – Tealbook CTO: website | linkedin 

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