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Advancing Procurement with a Supplier Data Platform – Customer Spotlight – Goldman Sachs

By TealBook

Allan Forrest, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, joins Brian Tarble, VP of Product at TealBook, in this recorded live webinar to discuss the steps his team has taken to provide stakeholders with a personalized guided user experience and a trusted source of information that provides a holistic multi dimensional view of their relationship with suppliers. With the ultimate goal of enabling teams to make smarter decisions and drive better business outcomes, Goldman Sachs utilizes TealBook to enhance and maintain accurate and reliable data. 

Managing an extensive supplier database and extracting value from this data can seem daunting. The challenge is, how can businesses enable their data to be effectively used and shared by their teams? Before TealBook, Allan knew that their data quality was reasonable but not the best it could be.  There were a lot of critical data elements missing. One of those elements being a reliable indicator of diversity status.

With the help of TealBook, Goldman Sachs was able to holistically analyze their vendor relationships and rely on the enhanced data provided by TealBook, saving them precious time testing quality when business decisions needed to be made. As a result, Goldman Sachs is now on track to meet their diversity spend goal 3 years ahead of schedule. 

Watch this insightful webinar below to learn more about how TealBook has helped Goldman Sachs become a diversity leader in the procurement space.

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Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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