DPW Amsterdam 2022- Transforming Procurement with Dynamic Supplier Data
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DPW Amsterdam 2022: Transforming Procurement with Dynamic Supplier Data

By TealBook

To start this DPW Amsterdam 2022 live session with Stephany Lapierre, Founder + CEO of TealBook, and Tim Herrod, VP of Global Procurement at Albermarle Corp., Dr. Elouise Epstein asked the audience two important questions:

“How many of you think supplier data is important?” Seeing the audience raise their hands, she joked, “Yeah, everybody. I hope everyone thinks that.” 

She continued “How many of you have good, clean supplier data, fully-vetted records, and enriched?” With silence from the audience, Dr. Epstein replied, “Yeah, nobody. That matches my experience.”

For the next thirty minutes, the three procurement powerhouses dove into the current state of the procurement industry landscape, tackling the issues bad data has caused and offering solutions that allow for better procurement function.

Watch the full session replay to hear:

  • Dr. Epstein ask hard-hitting questions about the problems within our industry
  • Tim Herrod give real-life examples of what happens when data is left behind and share why he partnered with TealBook to enable better transformation
  • Stephany speak on the way our vision proactively solves the data problem
If you’re taking a data-first approach and you’re enabling the data to be pushed into functional teams through workflows, processes, and software, you’re completely building a different infrastructure that can be completely transformational.
Stephany Lapierre CEO at TealBook

You can also access the session slides below.

Unleash procurement possibilities.

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