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Episode 4: Raising your hand and raising the bar— the power of reframing data

By TealBook

Episode Summary

As a global procurement and supply chain leader, Joanna discusses her career with Stephany, her thoughts on the importance of the right data, and her advice to both leaders and junior employees looking to disrupt their companies for the better.

Joanna delves into her start as an engineer and how she moved from supply chain to falling in love with procurement. She highlights mentors who taught her valuable lessons and the experiences that built her confidence about speaking up when she had solid insight to share with senior executives. She and Stephany break down the differences between data and information.

Joanna shares practical examples on how the right data with the right technology helps save money, benefit clients, and streamline workflow throughout different organizations. She discusses the value of really thinking about processes, your business, what your pain points are, and what your goal truly is when choosing technology for transformation. Joanna’s conversation with Stephany provides thought-provoking insights applicable to all organizations.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about:

  • The difference between raw data, information and analytics
  • How asking the right questions of your data dramatically changes how information can be used
  • Using data as the raw materials procurement is sourcing for actionable insights 

About Joanna Martinez:

Joanna Martinez is a speaker, consultant and advisor with a special focus on helping companies and individuals achieve their transformational goals. Sometimes that means advising senior executives directly; frequently it means rolling up her sleeves and working on projects along with the team or delivering workshops to improve skills in areas like stakeholder alignment, digitization, or creating positive change.

After receiving engineering degrees from Rutgers University Joanna’s career has centered on assisting companies that were being battered by disruptive forces, creating innovative ways to grow their bottom lines or reduce costs. Working as a Supply Chain or Procurement leader, she led transformation initiatives for firms in different sectors, among them Johnson & Johnson (pharmaceutical, consumer products), Diageo (beverages), AllianceBernstein LP (financial services), and Cushman & Wakefield (real estate services, facilities management). Today, her consulting clients range from startups to Fortune 100 companies in a wide mix of businesses, recently including insurance, manufacturing, life sciences, health services, and technology.

She was named a Distinguished Alumna by Rutgers College of Engineering and now sits on the School of Engineering’s Industry Advisory Board. She also advises two technology companies and a professional services organization. Joanna and her teams have been recognized for innovation or customer excellence by Determine, American Express, Egencia, and Heublein. For the last four years, she has been designated a Top Global Influencer and Thought Leader in multiple categories by Thinkers360.  

Her book, A Guide to Positive Disruption, draws on her experiences making positive changes at the organizations for which she has worked and provides a framework to follow for those who want to be successful in a business undergoing disruption. It is available on Amazon. 

Her latest project is a set of workshops to help people in business understand digital concepts like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Stephany Lapierre – TealBook: website | twitter | Linkedin | YouTube | Instagram

Joanna Martinez – Supply Chain Advisors: website | Linkedin | Book

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