Swift Shift in Focus
Customer Stories

Swift Shift in Focus

By TealBook

How a world-renowned clothing retailer went from high-end fashion to producing life-saving N95 masks almost overnight.


During the peak of COVID-19’s first wave, when the world was experiencing mass shortages of N95 masks, this retailer committed to shifting the focus of their production facilities as quickly as possible. However, they did not
have the proper supply chain in place nor the knowledge of how to create and certify N95 masks. While they are proficient in sourcing the polyester, cotton, and aluminum needed for production, they had no idea how to source the spun-bond polypropylene, citric acid, melt-blown polypropylene, and polypropylene needed to manufacture N95-grade masks. In addition, they did not know how to certify the masks as N95 upon completion.


With know-how, this fashion giant could capably produce 150,000 masks per day to aid in the response to COVID-19.


Our customer took advantage of TealBook’s powerful and vast supplier data to easily discover new vendors who were able to respond quickly and efficiently during a time when prompt action was necessary. And, they leveraged key elements such as product isolation and certification validation to eliminate fraud. TealBook provided the critical information needed to shift over their supply chain in record fashion. We provided lists of all the viable suppliers and manufacturers of the products needed to shift production lines. We also provided direction to testing facilities able to certify the output as N95 grade.


By leveraging TealBook, the high-end clothing icon:

• Shifted their manufacturing plants to exclusively produce N95 masks over a matter of weeks.
• Were able to certify the output of all products produced.
• Made national headlines for being a model company in their response to the COVID-19 crises.
• Avoided all fraud that has crippled other organizations attempting to shift in a similar fashion.
• Saved thousands of lives.

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