Protecting a Nation
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Protecting a Nation

By TealBook

How one of the most powerful countries in the world leapt into action to help shield its citizens from the COVID-19 outbreak.


Heads of government for this G-7 member country were looking to urgently source personal protective equipment (PPE) for essential workers due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They needed to identify manufacturers within multiple
countries who met certain qualifying criteria, such as quality and product level certifications that met government agency regulations, time in business, and size of business. Traditional methods of identifying these manufacturers were proving difficult and time consuming, causing unnecessary delays to a time-critical initiative.


Government officials were scrambling to produce immediate results and were coming up short-handed. As the virus began to rage, fears set in that they would not be able to provide basic protection to their medical responders and they would fall badly behind the spread of the pandemic.


Following the collection of the government’s requirements, TealBook leveraged its master data and discovered 56,000 new PPE manufacturers,22,000 Good Manufacturing Practices for health care certificates, and more than 250,000 additional ISO certificates. Using TealBook’s advanced filters over the course of only 10 days, that number was reduced to a reasonably-managed and actionable 621 useful manufacturers.


TealBook provided the critical information needed for the government to identify quality-accredited manufacturers of multiple PPE items. By rapidly discovering new manufacturers for 11 different PPE items across the UK, India,
China, the U.S., and Malaysia, government officials were able to effectively and efficiently respond to the intial needs of its most essential workers, and help safeguard against the disease.

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