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Out of the Shadows: Procurement’s Opportunity to Shine a Light on Contingent Labor

By TealBook

Improve Your Contingent Workforce for Better Security

According to Ardent Partners, 45% of a company’s workforce is comprised of “contract,” “contingent,” or “non-employee” workers. While there are appeals to using this type of labor to boost agility and reduce fixed costs, steps need to be taken to ensure compliance, maintain security, and foster positive work environments.

Unfortunately, too many organizations report not having a solid understanding of the size and composition of their extended workforce, leaving gaps that can put the company in hot water.

In this resource, you will learn:

  • The dangers of having mismanaged or non-managed contingent workers
  • How your procurement process is affected by workforce issues
  • The ways in which technology can improve processes with contracted workers

You can download the full resource here!

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