Data Unleashed podcast episode 7

Episode 7: Setting the stage for start-up success

By TealBook
I think the conference is a great starting point to meet some of those startups that are really getting traction in the space…going out and getting inspired by the visions of those startups is something I encourage. And I think the conference can help and is really more around inspiration in the end.
Matthias Gutzmann Founder, DPW Amsterdam

Episode Summary

How do you take the plunge on a great new idea? And is the risk of losing stability worth your vision for something bigger and better? These are common questions startup founders ask themselves during the build of a new venture, and despite the glaring risks, the opportunity for industry-wide innovation drives them forward.

Matthias Gutzmann is the Founder of DPW and the acclaimed DPW Amsterdam conference. He started DPW in 2019 after leaving his job in New York for his parents’ home in Germany. Why would he do this? Because he saw a gap in the market for procurement tech community events and was compelled to make it a reality. 

What was seemingly a guaranteed success in the first year turned into an insurmountable challenge the following year when COVID hit. He speaks candidly about both the struggles of his venture as well as the growth of the DPW brand. How did he make DPW rise again and become the procurement conference to attend in such a short time? Matthias speaks to the power of contacts, of networking, and of leveraging social media in the right way.

Show host Stephany Lapierre and Matthias Gutzmann discuss the valuable community forming around procurement, the rise and innovation of startups, and the scaling of new ventures in this episode. Matthias reveals that data and sustainability are two major topics featured at this year’s DPW Amsterdam.

Additionally, in this episode, Matthias Gutzmann shares his unique perspective on the following:

  • How procurement teams can start with optimizing the basics like their ERP ecosystem before introducing new point solutions to drive performance
  • In the context of digital—whether it’s reimagining an entire process or replacing analog functions—waiting is not a viable strategy 
  • Why the leaders of smaller countries will be speaking on innovation at DPW Amsterdam
  • How CPOs can leverage the resources presented at DPW Amsterdam to better navigate the growing procurement technology landscape

About Matthias Gutzmann:

Matthias Gutzmann is on a mission to disrupt the procurement industry. He founded DPW, the first organization of its kind to focus on bringing startups into the procurement industry, after he recognized the importance for breaking down the procurement silo and more collaboration in order to harness the potential of new digital technology and more innovation.

Resources in this episode:

Stephany Lapierre – CEO + Founder, TealBook: website | twitter | linkedin | youtube | instagram

Matthias Gutzmann – Founder, DPW Amsterdam: website | linkedin

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