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Episode 6: Navigating disruption — what CPOs need to know right now

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If you master the data in procurement, you’ll have an advantage by getting access early to information, and also having an early warning system. What might help you to prepare your supply chain, your manufacturing process, your logistics in a meaningful way…this is really where I believe the power of data and who will master the data in the future will win in procurement and by that will help his or her company to be successful and really go to the next level.
Dr. Marcell Vollmer CEO of Prospitalia Group

Episode Summary

How much impact does the role of CPO have in your organization? What is the true value of a CPO and how closely should they align with the CEO?

Dr. Marcell Vollmer has worked on both sides of the organizational coin: he has been a Chief Procurement Officer, a Chief Operating Officer, and is now a Chief Executive Officer. He brings his procurement sensibilities, the analytics experience, and his consulting background to the CEO table. How has he done this? And what can other CPOs take away from his journey?

Dr. Marcell believes in the power of strong data to drive the success of procurement. He also stresses the necessity of being able to translate that data and action it. The role of CPO is one of risk management, logistics, business opportunities, being on the lookout for startup innovation and potential substitutes, in his eyes. He’s a futurist with experience on both sides of the corporate equation and insight to share.

Show host Stephany Lapierre and Dr. Marcell Vollmer discuss how he transitioned from CPO to CEO and the invaluable contributions CPOs must offer their companies. He states that the core of the CPO’s value is tied to both the level of data transparency offered to the business as well as the consumption of data used for the benefit of procurement decisions.

Additionally, in this episode, Dr. Vollmer shares his unique perspective on the following:

  • The biggest opportunity for CPOs right now in the eyes of a CEO
  • How can disruptive technologies and machines help us to overcome manual processes
  • How procurement can build a business case for investing in their data strategy

About Dr. Marcell Vollmer:

Marcell Vollmer is Chief Executive Officer at Prospitalia Group.

Before that he was Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with over 20 years of experience developing and implementing procurement, supply chain, finance, shared services, and digital transformation strategies across industries globally. Prior to joining BCG, Marcell was Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis, the world’s leading process mining software company, where he was supporting customers and partners in developing and executing digital transformation initiatives. Marcell brings more than 15 years of successful digital transformation and procurement optimization experience gained at SAP in various roles as Chief Digital Officer, Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP. He has also managed various strategy & implementation projects at PA Consulting Group as well as at DHL Express.

Marcell is a wanted speaker at conferences and an active social media influencer with more than 90k followers on Twitter and 50k followers on LinkedIn.

Marcell earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Hamburg in Germany.

Prospitalia Group brings together various specialists in the healthcare industry. In addition to procurement (Prospitalia, Pro Care Management and Prospitalia Comparatio), the focus is also on digital support for healthcare institutions (Prospitalia h-trak, Miralytik and Wawibox) and a wide range of consulting services (WMC HEALTHCARE, hmg). As a corporate group, we thus offer a comprehensive range of services and support our customers as well as partners with broad-based expertise.

Stephany Lapierre – TealBook: website | twitter | linkedin | youtube | instagram

Dr. Marcell Vollmer – CEO at Prospitalia Group: linkedin | twitter

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