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Advancing Procurement with a Supplier Data Platform – Customer Spotlight – S&P Global

By TealBook

When it comes down to it, data is the most critical component of driving value and impact for your customers and partners. Mike Smyklo, Chief Procurement Officer at S&P Global, has experienced first hand how reliable data can make or break procurement decisions. Companies can update outdated legacy systems with fancy new tools but with no change to data, they won’t see the outcome they’re looking for. 

In this live on demand webinar, Mike Smyklo and Brian Tarble, VP of Product at TealBook, discuss the complex procurement technology environment. With true integration, data quality and analytics lacking on many procurement teams, companies like TealBook are helping businesses implement the future landscape of procurement technology with a Supplier Data Platform. When you can access accurate data in one place, businesses can reduce  the number of technology vendors and apps, without degradation of the quality of experience.

In the words of Mike Smyklo, “Having the TealBook Intelligent Supplier Data Platform as the foundation of our vendor data is well aligned with these missions. The Tealbook Data Foundation will allow us to make better decisions with agility, reduce manual efforts within our processes, minimize overall vendor risk and enhance our efforts around ESG/Procurement Sustainability.”  

Watch this webinar recording below to learn:

  • Efficiency improvements by streamlining administrative procurement processes
  • The benefit of enhanced supply chain visibility, nimbleness and ESG impact
  • How to enhance the user experience and data quality, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction

Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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