2021 in Review: TealBook Content Round-Up

By TealBook

Catching Up on Content: TealBook’s Most Valuable Content of 2021

TealBook’s vision is to advance the world through supplier data. As businesses continue to be impacted by global challenges, TealBook is transforming the supplier data market by optimizing suppliers, unifying data across systems, and empowering teams.

Over the past year, we have surveyed industry professionals, partnered with research teams, and spoken with teams just like yours to listen, record, and address the real, everyday issues that plague our industry. Through a series of resources, we pose questions to get you and your team thinking about your current processes and offer valuable insights + practical solutions for problems. 

As we close out the 2021 calendar year, we’ve rounded up some of our most valuable resources so you can access these insights and solutions all in one place.

On Solid Ground: Building the Data Foundation for Agile Procurement | Wakefield-Partnered Research

Can you say you have full confidence in your supply data? If not, you’re not alone. A whopping 72% of procurement leaders are very concerned that their supplier intelligence has still not improved to future-proof supply chains.

In our Wakefield-Partnered Research, we share feedback from 250 Procurement and Sourcing Executives director-level or above at companies with $200 million or more in annual revenue and use these insights to offer solutions to gaining the supplier data you need to innovate and stand strong within the procurement sphere.

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TealBook 2021 Global Supply Chain Agility Report

Supply chains face disruptions from multiple avenues, and, without the proper awareness and preparedness, your organization can struggle with the consequences. Too often, procurement teams do not have adequate supply data or contingency plans to adapt in the face of crisis.

Our 2021 Global Supply Chain Agility Report offers insight into the most common disruptions our industry faces, the true cost behind these disruptions, and lessons learned to help you achieve a more agile supply chain. By putting these disruptions under a microscope, we’ve discovered how procurement teams can safeguard against future supply chain crises. 

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State of Supplier Diversity Report | JAGGAER-Partnered Resource

While supplier diversity has become a bigger priority for organizations across the globe, there is still much work to be done in order to address the challenges of building out these programs. 

In a collaborative effort between TealBook and JAGGAER, the State of Supplier Diversity Report aims to discover to what extent supplier diversity is an issue, how much progress has been made, and what are the obstacles to further progress. The survey explores the key challenges in supplier diversity, access to data, and several other factors that must be taken into account when running a successful supplier diversity program.

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The Case for Clean Supplier Data

Out-of-date supplier data isn’t just inconvenient — it’s a liability. Without strong data to support critical positions across your organization, you can easily miss out on additional opportunities or find yourself unable to adapt to disruptions.

In our Clean Data Paper, we address the common signs that you’re struggling with bad data, the manual processes traditionally used to clean up data, and better, more efficient tools you can use to ensure you always have data that is complete, up-to-date, and as accurate as possible.

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Unleash Procurement Possibilities with TealBook

TealBook uses AI to autonomously enrich supplier data across millions of global suppliers. With minimal implementation required, the platform offers an enhanced and consolidated view of an organization’s entire supplier base, valuable insights, reporting, supplier search, and outreach capabilities. You can access all of our online resources here, and contact our team to schedule an industry-specific demo.

Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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