Check Your Supplier Profile

Suppliers who actively manage their profiles appear in 55% more search results than those who don't.

Your Powerful Universal Supplier Profile

Tealbook has already created a universal supplier profile for your business. Taking just a few minutes to check and approve your Tealbook supplier profile could transform your business forever.

We offer can’t-miss features for suppliers, including access to a $100B+ buyer community, automated Tier 2 reporting, and the ability to add offerings and value propositions to your profile so you can get in front of more buyers, instantly. 

Superior Opportunities

Tealbook has an ever-growing customer base featuring some of the world's largest Fortune 100 companies.

Elevate Your Profile

Be more visible. Suppliers who add tags appear in 40% more search results and see increased engagement.

Get More in Minutes

Your supplier profile is already filled out, and will remain updated through the power of Tealbook's Machine Learning. Simply take a few minutes to check your supplier profile to achieve 100% completeness.

Be Easy to Reach

Tealbook's Universal Supplier Profiles integrate with other e-procurement solutions, eliminating the need for you to constantly update many different profiles.

Benefits for Every Supplier

For Larger Suppliers

Begin or expand your diversity program, and easily share your diverse spend with current and prospective customers. 

For Midsize Suppliers

Assert yourself as a viable competitor. Be more visible in searches, win more business, and foster top line growth.

For Diverse and Sustainable Suppliers

Self-certify as a diverse or sustainable business, with Tealbook’s accredited self-certification program, and display these certificates on your supplier profile. 

Common Questions

Tealbook uses AI and machine learning to create and update your supplier profile within our platform. By signing up for Tealbook and accessing your universal supplier profile, you can increase your visibility and have greater control over the information listed on your profile. 

At Tealbook, we are building the world’s most trusted source of supplier information. Unlike the standard, portal-based approach, we do not require suppliers to enter all their information manually.

Instead, our technology crawls publicly available information on the Internet and transforms it into structured, consistent, supplier profiles. This includes checking over 400 million company websites and hundreds of public certification and registration authorities.

Suppliers are then encouraged to review, edit and enhance their profiles so that existing and prospective customers can find them, but they can leverage the work Tealbook has done and focus on corrections and enhancements instead of having to enter everything manually.

Because Tealbook acts as a data foundation that integrates into several other platforms, the supplier profiles within out profile act as a “universal” supplier profile, and the information you enter into Tealbook will populate into other systems used by buyers. Tealbook is the only supplier profile you need to ensure maximum visibility with minimal effort. 

What Suppliers Are Saying

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