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Log in to TealBook and discover your powerful supplier profile. Unlike the standard, portal-based approach, we do not require suppliers to enter all their information manually. Instead, our technology gathers publicly available information on the Internet and transforms it into structured, consistent, supplier profiles. We then syndicate this information with other platforms, so you can update your data across many systems in one place.

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Self-certify as a diverse or sustainable business.

By Supplier Type

TealBook offers opportunities for growth to businesses at any stage.

Enterprise Suppliers 1

Enterprise Suppliers

Begin or expand your diversity program, and easily share your diverse spend with current and prospective customers.

Midsize Suppliers 2

Midsize Suppliers

Assert yourself as a viable competitor. Be more visible in searches, win more business, and foster top line growth.

Small Business Suppliers

Self-certify as a small business in TealBook and access our vibrant community of buyers searching for new supplier relationships.

Diverse Suppliers 2

Diverse Suppliers

Self-certify as a diverse business, with TealBook’s accredited self-certification program, and display these certificates on your supplier profile.

Sustainable Suppliers 2

Sustainable Suppliers

Self-certify as a sustainable business, with TealBook’s accredited self-certification program, and display these certificates on your supplier profile.

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Our Supplier Network

Join our global network of suppliers who have updated their free TealBook profiles to verify their information, get in front of our $100B+ buyer community, and increase their competitive edge.

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Be more competitive.

When selecting suppliers or putting a strategic supplier program in place, large organizations place significant importance on doing business with companies that promote equality, innovation, and sustainability.
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Opportunities for Small and Diverse Businesses

TealBook offers functionality dedicated to addressing underserved communities and making an economic impact. Recognized diverse supplier categories include:

  • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Woman Owned Business
  • Small Business Enterprise
  • Veteran Business Enterprise
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
  • Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
  • LGBT Business Enterprise
  • Certified Aboriginal Business
  • HUB Zone Certified
  • People with Disability
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • Women Led Business Enterprise

Self-Certification Features

TealBook’s supplier self-certification provides a free alternative to daunting and expensive certification programs. Suppliers can create and maintain their certification in less than 15 minutes a year, while still meeting the requirements for certification audits.

Self-certifying in TealBook can help your customers identify if their spend with you is qualified diverse spend. It also makes you more competitive and gives you an opportunity to win business from organizations looking to do business with small and diverse businesses.

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Spend Breakdown

Tier 2 Reporting

Tier 2 reporting is a process where suppliers can share their diversity spend with their customers. The process allows organizations to recognize the effect of their spend with suppliers who engage with diverse suppliers, as well as their direct spend with diverse suppliers.

If you’re invited to a Tier 2 program by one of your customers, you will be asked to securely provide TealBook with your spend data and vendor master. TealBook’s Machine Learning capabilities will match your detailed spend file against our global database of diverse suppliers. The benefit to you in this case will be receiving your own summary level diversity report that details your spend by diverse category.

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