The Importance of Trustworthy Supplier Data
On Demand Webinar

The Importance of Trustworthy Supplier Data

By TealBook

Do You Have Full Trust in Your Data?

Bad data could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

How much do you trust the data you currently use in your procurement processes? Unfortunately, nearly 3 in 4 procurement leaders are concerned that their company isn’t in a position to leverage supplier relationships to drive innovation.

Our VP of Customer Success and Experience, Kate Hands, and JAGGAER’s VP of Product Management, Georg Roesch, recently hosted a webinar to discuss the importance of having access to trustworthy supplier data and the impact that has on your business!

Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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