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TealBook Releases the 2021 Global Supply Chain Agility Report and Agility Webinar

By Nia Balbo

Understanding Disruptions & Building a More Agile Supply Chain

Over the past decade, the global supply chain has faced countless disruptions that have interrupted and even changed the way industry professionals do business. In an effort to help procurement leaders and supply chain managers alike understand prominent challenges they have faced, and will face again in the future, TealBook has released our 2021 Global Supply Chain Agility Report.

How to Scale Crises

There are a variety of factors to consider when determining the true effect of disruptions, such as:

  • How many areas were affected
  • How much money was lost 
  • How many businesses and/or products were affected
  • How long did it take to recover

When considering how disruptions can come to pass, it’s also important to realize that these challenges can present themselves from a number of avenues. While the industry has seen harsh weather and climate change cause supply chain issues, man-made accidents also account for some of the top global supply chain disruptions over the past decade.

The agility report also takes a look at the time to recovery compared to the cost of the disruptions, providing interesting insight into the nature of these incidents. Especially compared to disruptions over the past decade, to no one’s real surprise, COVID-19 has had the largest impact on loss of revenue, with the total dollars lost in the ongoing crisis climbing to numbers in the trillions.

Insight from Industry Professionals

Throughout the report, procurement professionals like Jason Busch, Founder and Managing Director of Azul Partners, Inc. and Dr. Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney, give valuable insight into why organizations find themselves in hot water during times of crisis and how they can better prepare for the next disruption. 

TealBook CEO, Stephany Lapierre, offered her professional opinion saying, “I strongly believe that the supplier base is the biggest untapped asset for the enterprise, and if optimized properly, can deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental value.” 

Attend Our Agility Webinar

So how do you actually prepare your company to withstand the next crisis? You’ll have to read the full report to find out. You can download it here.

For more information and to hear from the industry powerhouses themselves, register for The Agility Webinar: Prepare for the Next Supply Chain Crisis that TealBook is hosting on September 8, 2021!
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