2021 in Review: TealBook Events Round-Up

By TealBook

Let’s Talk Supplier Data: TealBook’s Most Impactful Events of 2021

With the world still on its head from the global pandemic — and the supply chain issues that were compounded by it — this year was not one to sit idly by and keep valuable information to ourselves. TealBook rolled up our sleeves and got to work hosting and participating in events to help others in our industry address issues they were facing and understand the importance of having a supplier data foundation to support every procurement decision across their organization.

Below are some of the most impactful events and webinars to watch to gain insights necessary to achieve empowered and transformative procurement strategies.

On Solid Ground: Building the Data Foundation for Agile Procurement | Wakefield-Partnered Webinars

At the start of the year, we released our On Solid Ground: Building the Data Foundation for Agile Procurement resource with Wakefield Research. To give our customers and other procurement professionals a more in-depth look at the content, we held a series of webinars in which we took a deep dive into the data we found and heard input from industry experts on the importance of supplier data when it comes to maintaining an agile supply chain.

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TealBook Presents on the Importance of Supplier Data at ISM World 2021

Joining a host of industry professionals at the three-day conference, TealBook CEO + Founder, Stephany Lapierre, and Senior Partner of Wakefield Research, Nathan Richter, took to the stage at ISM World 2021 to discuss the real importance of having strong supplier data to support your organization’s procurement strategies. 

During the discussion, Stephany touched on the challenges that an overwhelming number of procurement teams face in accessing their own vendor base and being able to discover new suppliers, the concerns leaders feel in moving forward with their current supplier data and processes, and the steps organizations can take toward building a reliable supplier data foundation. 

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Can You Reshore Your Supply Chain? | TealBook at Procurement Foundry 2021

While many organizations realized the challenges that come along with having offshored supply chains and are considering bringing their suppliers closer to home, there are still many concerns over whether or not that is physically possible.

In a discussion with Procurement Leaders, Mike Cheny, retired P&G executive and board member, and Stephany Lapierre offer a progressive and data-driven approach to reshoring their suppliers as well as the benefits of shortening supply chains, the key factors of designing a resilient supply chain, and more.

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Prepare for the Next Supply Chain Crisis | Agility Webinar

It’s not a matter of if another supply chain crisis will occur — it’s a matter of when it will happen. In conjunction with the release of TealBook’s Global Supply Chain Agility Report, we gather a panel of procurement experts to share their experience dealing with disruptions and knowledge in how to make it through crises as smoothly as possible.

Watch the webinar to hear how to properly develop contingency plans and leverage supplier diversity to build a more agile supply chain that is prepared to stand strong against whatever disruption strikes next.

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Connecting the Dots Between ESG Objectives and Source-to-Pay Processes | TealBook x Ivalua x EcoVadis Webinar

When it comes to executing and accelerating environmental, social, and governance initiatives, there needs to be specific plans in place to implement these goals into the source-to-pay procurement process.

In partnership with Ivalua and EcoVadis, TealBook executive, Shelley Lineham, discusses the best practices on how organizations can act as “good citizens” in the areas of sustainability, diversity, human rights, + ethics and integrate ESG initiatives into their S2P processes/

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Rethinking Supplier Diversity | TealBook x JAGGAER x The Hackett Group Webinar

Too often, organizations approach supplier diversity as a numbers game or something that just affects their bottom line. Along with professionals from JAGGAER, The Hackett Group, and World Economic Forum, TealBook’s Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, Matt Palackdharry, discusses the importance of taking a people-first approach to supplier diversity.

Watch the full webinar to gain a new perspective on what supplier diversity is, the benefits it can bring, and how you can develop your own supplier diversity strategy for the long term.

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Unleash Procurement Possibilities with TealBook

TealBook uses AI to autonomously enrich supplier data across millions of global suppliers. With minimal implementation required, the platform offers an enhanced and consolidated view of an organization’s entire supplier base, valuable insights, reporting, supplier search, and outreach capabilities. You can access all our event replays here, and contact our team to schedule an industry-specific demo.

Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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