2021 in Review: TealBook Customer Stories Round-Up

By TealBook

Revealing Real ROI: TealBook’s Most Impactful Customer Stories of 2021

Achieving Higher Cost Savings in the Life Sciences Industry

When a new Chief Procurement Officer took the reigns at a certain biotech organization, they had a goal to drastically cut costs in a very short amount of time. Knowing this would only be possible with the right technology and supplier data, the CPO turned to TealBook to quickly source alternative suppliers to invite to sourcing events and create competition.

Read the entire resource to see how the company used TealBook’s enhanced supplier discovery capabilities to find suppliers in a fraction of the time then they had been able to previously and saved millions of dollars in a single sourcing event.

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Championing Diversity in the Higher Education Procurement Space

Mary Helmick, Director of Procurement, and her procurement team at Virginia Tech University knew they needed to find a way to move past traditional supplier sourcing methods, enhance their vendor master, and leverage better technology to build a more robust supplier diversity program.

Upon being introduced to TealBook, it became very clear to Mary that TealBook’s supplier data platform could greatly help Virginia Tech procurement teams meet their goals, and since implementing TealBook, Mary and her team were able to provide large schools and other departments within the university with the diverse suppliers they challenged them to find. 

When asked about her experience with TealBook, Mary shared her enthusiasm saying, “Everything they showed us… [and] was demoed on that day has come to fruition, and I really appreciate that with TealBook.” Read the full case study to see all the additional benefits TealBook has provided Virginia Tech.

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Data Solutions for Evolving Organizations

Without the right technology and supplier data to support procurement decisions, organizations can be left without a way to drive cost savings or take advantage of additional opportunities — and that’s exactly the problem Peter Retterer, former Senior Director, Global Indirect Procurement at Ascend Performance Materials, was facing.

In this case study, we take a look at how Peter implemented TealBook’s cloud-based data layer into Ascend Performance Materials’ existing systems to gain better visibility into their current processes, achieve enhanced supplier discovery, and access better supplier data that, in Peter’s own words, “is always going to get better. That’s the thing I like: that you’ll never fall back, it’s always going to go forward.”

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Unleash Procurement Possibilities with TealBook

TealBook uses AI to autonomously enrich supplier data across millions of global suppliers. With minimal implementation required, the platform offers an enhanced and consolidated view of an organization’s entire supplier base, valuable insights, reporting, supplier search, and outreach capabilities. You can access all of our customer stories here, and contact our team to schedule an industry-specific demo.

Unleash procurement possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize diversity spend, optimize supplier diversification, or identify emergency sourcing options, the best available supplier data makes all the difference.

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