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Release Notes

May 2021 Release Notes: Supplier Search Enhancements

By Shelley Lineham

The next time you log into TealBook, you’ll notice that we changed the search landing page and improved our supplier search capabilities. Keep reading for all the details on this exciting product update! 

New Landing Page

When you sign in to TealBook, you will now be directed to the supplier search page instead of the news page. The news feed is still accessible through the top navigation bar.

User Friendly NAICS Codes in Search Results

We made an enhancement to help narrow the mix of suppliers you receive in your search results. When search results are returned, you will now notice that we have added tabs for the top 3 categories to segment the results for you (where applicable and based on the number of results returned for each category). This will allow you to easily view the results by the most popular categories after you have performed a search.

Reminder: you can always apply different NAICS code filters by selecting them in the Advanced Filters to the right.

NAICS Code Mapping

Please refer to the following table for the mapping of possible NAICS tabs with the associated NAICS codes:

Possible NAICS Tabs (Abbreviated Codes)NAICS Codes
Agri11 – Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Mining21 – Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Utilities22 – Utilities
Construction23 – Construction
Manufacturing31-33 – Manufacturing
Wholesale42 – Wholesale Trade
Retail44-45 – Retail Trade
Transportation48-49 – Transportation and Warehousing
Information51 – Information and Cultural Industries
Finance52 – Finance and Insurance
Real Estate, Rental, Leasing53 – Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
Professional Services54 – Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Management55 – Management of Companies and Enterprises
Waste Management56 – Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Educational61 – Educational Services
Health Case62 – Health Care and Social Assistance
Arts and Recreation71 – Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Accommodation72 – Accommodation and Food Services
Other81 – Other Services (except Public Administration)
Public Admin92 – Public Administration
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About the Author

Shelley Lineham is the Vice President of Product at Tealbook. As the former Head of Solutions for Direct Energy, Shelley is highly regarded as a distinguished IT executive and transformative business leader. Her track record of leadership includes over 25 years of professional experience across all areas of IT. In addition to her experience, Shelley’s qualifications include undergraduate degrees in computer science and business, completion of the CIO Executive Council IT Business Leadership Academy, accreditations in AI strategy and product management from MIT Sloan School of Management & CSAIL and from Stanford Continuing Studies, and a Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence from Queen’s Smith School of Business.

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