"I was visiting a client who wanted to introduce me to a supplier. So, she grabbed a two-inch-thick binder filled with hundreds of business cards from vendor contacts."

She couldn’t remember the name of the company, but she knew she would recognize the card. She spent about ten minutes flipping through each page.

After she finally found the card and I took down the information, she asked for the card back. She didn’t want to risk losing it. Her entire relationship with this supplier depended on a single business card.

I left that meeting thinking about the wealth of supplier intelligence she’d collected… intelligence that was locked away inside of a binder, providing no benefit to the organization or suppliers.

In that moment, I saw an opportunity to centralize and aggregate supplier intelligence for all stakeholders.

So, I founded Tealbook, bringing together seasoned software developers, machine learning engineers, and procurement experts all deeply committed to a common vision: creating the world’s most robust network of buyers and suppliers and fixing supplier data, forever.

-Stephany Lapierre, Tealbook CEO

Our Purpose

Tealbook is a supplier intelligence platform with the power to revolutionize the way buyers obtain supplier data. By using Tealbook, our customers have the data they need to make critical decisions, resulting in empowered and transformative procurement strategies.

By leveraging machine learning and AI, Tealbook is introducing ease and transparency to the supply chain ecosystem.

Our Investors

Tealbook is very proud to be funded by some of the most prestigious entrepreneurial venture firms in the world. Our partners have invested not only their capital, but their time and advisory services to transform us into the fast-growing company we are today.

Do you have the Will To Win?

We’re proud of the team and culture we’ve built. If you want to work in a hard-working, fun-loving, rapid growth environment, you’ll fit right in.

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