2020 Summer Intern Spotlight

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Tealbook has had an incredible summer, due in large part to the amazing interns that have contributed their hard work to our team. Here’s what our Summer 2020 interns had to say about their Tealbook experience:

Dhruvin Balar

A photo of Dhruvin Balar

Working at a start-up has the benefit that you are more connected with the company and get to learn/experience things outside of your core tasks. At Tealbook, you are included in the company and contribute starting day one. Most importantly, my work is actually recognized and reflected in the final product clients use. Besides development, I learned about business relationships and procurement, and got first-hand experience with customer support duty. I would recommend Tealbook to anyone seeking for a challenging yet amazing internship.

Russell Chan

A photo of Russel Chan.

Working as an intern at Tealbook has been amazing! You get the responsibilities of a full-time employee while also receiving continuous feedback on how to be better. I have learned so much in the past several weeks, and even though I’ve never met any of my colleagues in person, they feel like family.

Ahmed Hamodi

A photo of Ahmed Hamodi.

I really enjoyed working at Tealbook due to how transparent everyone is and how great the team and culture is at the company. Tealbook genuinely includes everyone, including interns, on all types of discussions from sales to marketing to product road mapping which enabled my learning and growth. Furthermore, the culture and team dynamic are amazing as we often host game nights, yoga sessions, and meditation sessions.

Nancy Nhi Ngo

A photo of Nancy Nhi Ngo.

Immediately I recognized that the Tealbook team is very supportive and receptive to ideas. Although I was a frontend developer, I had the opportunity to build both frontend and backend features, as well as kickoff company-wide events such as game night. My four-month impression is that Tealbook is a great place to intern, especially if you want a variety of hands-on experience beyond just your job.


Daniel Song

A photo of Daniel Song

Tealbook was an awesome place to have my first internship! Being new to working in the software development industry, and to data science in particular, I had a lot of questions. However, even despite working from home, my coworkers were almost always available to help, and I was able to learn so much about data science and supplier procurement over the course of just a few months!


Merron Woodbury

Tealbook is made up of a motivated and excited team that is constantly making strides forward, which makes it an invigorating place to work. Not only are folks fully engaged by the work they do, but the friendly and open environment makes it easy to learn and grow as a professional. Tealbook is the perfect place for anyone interested in pushing their boundaries of knowledge, making a real impact, and having fun while doing it.




We are so proud of you and all your hard work!

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